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InJoyUs ®


Internal Portion of the InJoyUs ® Strapless Strap-on System


Product Description

InJoyUs ®, the internal portion of New Love Creations’ Strapless Strap-On System.

Designed to stay in place while you play, InJoyUs ® is created with an inner core stabilizer.

Created to match the inner curves of the female body, it’s comfortable and a delight to wear.

Curved perfectly, InJoyUs’s ® head rests inside of you covering your G-spot area allowing complete mutual stimulation while you make love.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    InJoyUs really works! Wow! It’s hard to describe how we feel about this product. It’s what we’ve been dreaming of! A highly quality, strapless strapon that stays in place in any position with orgasmic results! It took me about three tries to really get comfortable moving with Injoyus, but then; Wow! It really feels like part of me! The way it connects and moves with my most sensitive places is a fantastic! I can walk around strutin’ my stuff, free of any harness or hands! The visual and erotic impact is difficult to over state. I climax from walking or simply wagging my ‘thing’! One thing I will say is the way it seems to work my Gspot & ‘C’ makes me gush a lot and then it comes out. So I’ve learned to keep a clean cloth around for when everything gets too wet; quick wipe and then it stay rite where I want it-until the next big gush…so to speak. I am not complaining.

    Another thing we were impressed with is how well it works for me (petite, under 5′ under 100lbs) and Injoyus works just as well with my partner who is much taller and not petite like myself. It’s kind of funny how our roles have changed; both of us now want to be the one using InJoyUs. With harnesses, it was totally the other way around…lol!

    We have tried most of the other “strapless” products including the Share which we thought was as good as it would get. The Share won’t stay in by itself at all, but with a harness it’s kind of fun. InJoyUs is altogether another world. InJoyUs was more difficult to get in place at first because of the size of the internal part (They call it the G head); however, once Injoyus is in, (completely empty your bladder) the sensation and function is… honestly,it has changed our lives. We also love how InJoyUs allows us the choose different dildo attachments like we used to do with a harness. New Love Creations only appears to have two choices now but their site says many more dildo attachment choices soon to come. We can’t wait!

    Injoyus arrived in 3 days, was in discrete packaging and came with color care and use instructions and a sample pack of the lube they recommend and sell. As soon as you hold Injoyus, you can tell it’s very high quality. It’s odorless and made of high grade silicone. We put it in the dish washer for clean up. Inside InJoyUs is something they call a “contour stabilizer”. You can feel how this stabilizer gives it a kind of spring memory that must have a lot to do with what makes InJoyUs so amazingly good. Worth every penny! Highest possible recommendations!

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InJoyUs and all of New Love Creations' attachments are made from 100% pure silicone.

Medical Grade, it's non porous, body safe and hypo allergenic. 

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Developed with an inner stabilization bar, InJoyUs is created to stay in place no matter how you play. Once seated properly inside of you, you can strut your stuff by walking around and it wont slip out of place.

No matter what position you play in, InJoyUs stays inside of you. 

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